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Swimming at Isla de Gigantes' Tangke

To start, this is not a recent travel story. We visited Isla de Gigantes July last year, few months before the rampage of Typhoon Yolanda, wherein Isla de Gigantes is one of those places that received a big hit. Good thing that the island group has been making significant recovery. I am sharing this, though late, to give you an idea how great it is to stay on its islands. Read more

As Islas de Gigantes rises to popularity, you may be curious and would like to set foot to these island groups. So, to ease the pesky travel preparations, I have prepared a quick guide on how to get to Isla de Gigantes. The main gateway to Islas de Gigantes is the town of Estancia and you can get to Estancia via the following: Via Iloilo City Take any Philippine major Read more

Sitting in the northeastern tip of Panay Island, Islas de Gigantes is making a buzz among backpacking enthusiasts—seemingly inclining its trend towards popularity. The once unknown is making its name to the list of Philippine scenic destinations—competing with other new comers on the rise. I can’t say its virgin since the locals had long been scouting its beautiful territories before any outsiders do. Islas de Gigantes is comprised of two Read more