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The Philippines celebrates religious and cultural festivities all year round. The table below shows the schedule of the major Philippine Festivals. While some have been posted with exact dates, others are just estimates. We will try to contact the organizers to get the actual dates of the events and will constantly update this page. You can also help me in keeping this post updated. Let me know if you have Read more

While the rest of the Catholic universe are getting wet and splashy to celebrate the feast of Saint John the Baptist, Barangay Bibiclat’s residents and devotees cover themselves with mud. Taong Putik Festival (that how outsiders named the event) is celebrated every 24th of June to honor and give thanks to the village’s patron. Locals called the religious ritual as pag-sa-San Juan. They soak their selves with mud from the Read more


Celebrate with the locals of Angono, Rizal as the Higantes (giant caricatures made of papier-mâché) marches the streets of the town. Higantes Festival is a two-week event which is celebrated in commemoration of the feast of the town’s Patron, Saint Clement. This century-old festival is observed with street processions, fluvial parade, concerts, beauty contest, cultural competitions, among others. Of course, the foodie treats will never be absent.

Buglasan festival is celebrated annually in the province of Negros Oriental every October since 2002. Though this is a province-wide event (sponsored by the provincial government), the activities are mostly centered in the province’ capital, Dumaguete City. Like Aliwan Festival of the cities of Pasay and Manila, Buglasan is dubbed as festival of festivals wherein every constituent towns and cities have their own representative and will be presenting their best.