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Hand-rolled Truffles

The shop seats seemingly ordinary at first glance. Unassuming. The glass that separates the house of sweets from the outside refracts the day light, creating a glossy tint, which eventually reduces the transparency. You could not get an apparent view of what is actually inside. Behind the fragile walls is The Chocolate Chamber. Initially, you may wonder if it either sells your favorite Belgian chocolates, or houses a candy collection Read more

Hickory Mustard Wings by Gibbs Hot Wings

The second to the last stop of the first ever Cebu Food Crawl, a foodie event organized by Cebu Bloggers’ Society (CBS), was Gibbs Hot Wings. I did not have any expectation. But the idea of having a hot and spicy treat after almost a day of great munch is worth anticipating. After our coffee break, we were driven to the Streetscape Lifestyle Mall branch of the Gibbs. Coy Oliva, Read more

Aligue, pollo, and lechon paellas with a plate of lengua and a glass of Sangria

Halla Paella’s specialty are paellas, as the name infers. However, it was the taste of chipirones that secured a spot in my food memory. I could remember well the distinct flavors of the dip that blends well with the roasted garlic toppings and the fried baby squid slices. The crisp gave a memorable munching experience. Yummy and Comfort Treat The food stall also serves chuletas which tastes really scrumptious. The tender pork Read more

Ocean Garden Restaurant's treat to Cebu Food Crawlers

I could clearly see Mark’s reaction as he relished the last bite of the Spanish-style bangus (milkfish). He enjoyed every chomp of it and was ready to take another slice. Mark settled just few seats away from Kezia who was seating opposite of me. Fronting Mark was the platter of the Spanish inspired dish containing the last two pieces – which, at my viewpoint, appeared as the last remaining chunk. Everyone else was Read more