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Taal Lake, A View from Tagaytay

Tagaytay City is one of the closest escape from Manila. Aside from a number of attractions perfect for your family and friends and good places to eat, it also features a very ideal climate. The surrounding temperature is very suitable in venting out the accumulated city (Metro Manila) heat. Tagaytay is located in the one of the premier highlands in the Province of Cavite, facing the scenic Taal Lake and Read more

Every climber has his/her own awesome story of ascent. For us, it was the embarrassing-turned-funny memories and some thrill-aggravating, on the spot made-up fictions. It was also made a lot exciting by the gullible and astute companions. But before I share to you the stories of the climb, let me start with a brief introduction. Pico de Loro Trivia Pico de Loro, which literally translates to Parrot’s Beak, is one of the Read more

Though situated in a residential area along Marseilla Street in Rosario, Cavite, Mount Sea Resort still offers an isolated and secure place for fun and comfort. It also faces the picturesque Manila Bay so you have plenty of options for your photo ops. Imagine a stunning sunset in you backdrop. The resort features a waterfront with kiddie and adult pool, cottages, and KTV for the paying public. Hotel guests have the Read more

We had a guest from the US, Christina, and she wanted to see the places outside Manila. She preferred the beach, unfortunately, we only had a weekend and the Saturday night was scheduled for the company’s Christmas party. So, technically, we only had Sunday afternoon to spend. We looked for one good and closer alternative, though not a beach, but still shows the image of the countryside – Tagaytay came Read more

The team getting some rest

As summer approaches, you and your team may be busy looking for venues to host your annual team building activities and/or summer outing. There are lot of things to consider when choosing a venue. You have to check if the available amenities could cater your team building objectives; if they have in-house facilitators and other like services; if the location is proximately close from your office; if the accommodation is Read more