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Sitting in the northeastern tip of Panay Island, Islas de Gigantes is making a buzz among backpacking enthusiasts—seemingly inclining its trend towards popularity. The once unknown is making its name to the list of Philippine scenic destinations—competing with other new comers on the rise. I can’t say its virgin since the locals had long been scouting its beautiful territories before any outsiders do. Islas de Gigantes is comprised of two Read more

We stayed at Gigantes Hideaway Resort during our tour in Gigantes Islands. For 200 pesos a day, we were nested in a nipa hut accommodation (good for 3) with comfy bedding (but don’t expect too much) and a common CR/bathroom. We are talking about rural accommodation here, so expect mosquitoes to ruin your sleep (you know what to do to counter them). Aside from the island’s main attractions such as Read more