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We’d been to an awesome beach bumming in Burgos and Dasol Pangasinan, and here is the guide on how we did it. Day 1: Cabongaoan and Tambobong Beach Bus transfer to Alaminos City, Pangasinan The group met at Victory Liner in Cubao and took a 4:00AM trip to Alaminos. Usually, the travel time is 5-6 hours. Jeepney/Bus Transfer to Burgos From Victory Liner terminal in Alaminos, take an ordinary bus bound Read more

After taking a relaxing dip in Cabongaoan beach and enjoying the gleeful hop in Culebra Island, we fared to Cabacungan Cove, the fourth stop of our Burgos+Dasol Pangasinan escape. The cove has rocky shores so we got off at a distance where there is enough space between the boat’s keel and the scabrous littoral seabed. We were already wet so we didn’t mind taking another drench.