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Early residents of the barangay mostly believed that Barangay Bonawon comes from the Visayan word Bugnawon, which means bugnaw nga panahon or cold yet comforting weather. On the other hand, the Parish Priest of Siaton, Rev. Father Joaquin Gonzales, states that Bugnawon means peaceful minds of the residents or locally, bugnaw ang huna-huna sa mga lumulupyo. But whatever historical beginnings you believe, there is only one thing that we are sure Read more

I was home last April 2 to 5, 2011 and these are some of the photos I collected from a poor resolution I Pod Touch 4G cam. After taking this shots, my tech cravings started to climb on the chart of my “list to haves” this 2011. Topping the list is a DSLR.

I finally came home, my 3rd time since I left to study in Manila. It wasn’t easy at first – of course, you will miss the locally cooked dish which I am used to, the unusual scenery, the bizarre corners of the village, the friendly and the unfriendly folks, etc. It was the best time to be home. The first week of April 2011 was the best schedule to pick Read more