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Must-visit islands in central Philippines

Condé Nast Traveler recognized three Philippine Islands, Boracay (1st), Cebu (2nd), and Palawan (4th), as among the five best islands in Asia on its latest readers’ choice awards. Two of them are from the Visayas. Boracay and Cebu are undoubtedly two of the country’s most popular. Both receives significant number of tourists, and many more are aspiring to visit. Malapascua Island, on the other hand, may not be able to Read more

The rolling hills of Mararison Island

I could hardly draw the horizon. From my vantage point (at Culasi boardwalk), Mararison Island (also called Malalison) is covered with the draping downpour. According to the locals, it usually appears as floating green mound during sunny days, but that moment, it looked like a mere apparition. Still hoping for a good weather, I headed to the municipal tourism office to book a tour. A two-way boat transfer is pretty Read more

Kawa Hot Bath Tibiao Antique

With both the mini rice terraces and Tibiao River in the backdrop, I selected the farthest kawa. I want the experience somewhat isolated and noteworthy, so I chose a location distant enough from any deterrents. When I told the staff of Kayak Inn of my chosen kawa, they started filling it with water, and then picked herbs and flowers for the hot bath, based on their decades-old formula. While it Read more

Malumpati Health Spring

Sleepy and tired, I endured Cebu’s interminable, Friday gridlock. My flight was 10PM, and getting through the slow-moving traffic requires a lot of perseverance, though I wasn’t the one driving. However, instead of getting upset, I thought of the beautiful adventure that awaits at the other end of that journey. I arrived in Kalibo as scheduled. However, trips for Antique were no longer available. Hence, I stayed in the city, Read more