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Characters of the Popular Filipino legend (Malakas at Maganda)

Nayong Philipino transferred from a now mothballed building near NAIA Terminal 2 to Clark Field, Pampanga since November 2007. It now occupies the south to the southeastern portion of the Clark Expo (formerly Expo Filipino), the Philippine National Centennial Exposition and centerpiece for the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Philippine Independence, featuring an amphitheater-type mega tent that can seat 35,000 people. Nayong Pilipino Nayong Pilipino features some bits and Read more

tune hotel angeles city bed

Whenever I face a bitter situation, I usually hop on long bus rides to think about it and plan for a perfect scheme to resolve or ease the predicament. One moment, I did not go farther than I usually do. I headed to Angeles City, instead, just two hours from Manila with no plans in mind. Since the main reason of the escape is to think, I decided to look Read more