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Following every session of the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Corona is a lot more thrilling for me than watching every episode of telenovela series on primetime. There are lot of things to anticipate and lot of events you could hardly forecast to occur. Unlike telenovelas in which you can always predict what is going to happen on the next episodes, the impeachement trial is unscripted and in real time with real characters in real circumstances. There are no rooms for predictions but there are lot of angles to view for inferences or conclusions.

The impeachment trial is filled with real life drama wherein those individuals involved are not playing certain fictional characters but are playing their own real-life roles as politicians, lawyers, judges, supporters, etc. In fact, the true colors of some are being unveiled to the public for the first time. You can see malicious motifs, kulang-sa-pansin (with attention deficiency) effect, “non-cyberspace phishing” (for fishing evidences), arrogant backstage comments, wicked aspirations, biased and one-sided attacks, etc.

As we all get hooked with the impeachment episodes, we tend to forget the most substantial issues we have on our society. With crude oil prices leaping to its peak, unemployment rate soaring at its highest, and crimes rampaging to every corners of the street, our lawmakers seemed too busy to address these concerns. Where are our Congressmen?

I understand the drive of the President to eliminate Graft and Corruption but he should not lose focus to address the primary needs of this country. If he is allocating nearly 100% of his attention to oust Chief Justice Corona then it’s un-groovy enough – which will just lead to make unhealthy speculations against the president. An example for that is the comment by a Yahoo! user shown on the screenshot below.

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Also, let us wait for the impeachment court to decide on this case. The president’s statement of convicting CJ Corona is improper and unacceptable. You can not judge a person if you only knew half or part of the truth. Perhaps, the house impeachment process itself is questionable while bringing the Defense Secretary to the witness stand of the impeachment court caused some fishy smell to diffuse to the public.

I am not pro nor anti CJ Corona but, any doubtful process and malicious actions should not be sustained.

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