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Bloggers and Software Professionals spend a lot of time working starting at the monitor screen and lying stationary for a countless hours. Health is the last thing they’re usually concerned about because they are most probably immersed in their work.

As a professional blogger myself, I face a lot of health issues with blogging. Here are remedies and tips from a health care professional working  for my Health blog.

Health Tips for Bloggers and Software Professionals

Weight Gain

Well, I personally gained over 10 pounds when I started online entrepreneurship. It is  one of the major problems most of the geeks are concerned of.  Make sure you workout for at least an hour a day.

Rigorous exercise spread over some specific time and spending the rest of the day on couch doesn’t help. You need take breaks from work and keep working out until it completes a total of an hour of workout.

Eye Problem

You might be staring continuously for hours, it can really impact your vision and might end up wearing geeky glasses. Every 20 minutes, divert your view from the screen to somewhere else for at least a minute or two. Repeat every it time while you work on the PC.

Maintain high Vitamin-A diet like carrots, etc. Green Apples are also good for vision as well as health.

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