An Open Letter to the Participants of the 2009 Adamson University Engineering Students’ Research Forum

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To My Engineering Friends,

Last February 10, 2009, an Engineering Students’ Research Forum was made possible through the hardworks of its organizers – the handful chairperson of IE Dept., the hardworking Director of Center for Research Evaluation, and the rest of the staffs. Research papers of various engineering departments had been presented including our own. It was not surprising that we students are actively been into innovative research, that’s why I was very thankful to the organizers wherein we were given a great chance to present our paper to the rest of our engineering colleagues.

Based on the affair’s title, “Engineering Students’ Research Forum”, I was expecting for an intense talk, a great exchange of ideas, and sharing how each of the teams worked for its success, understanding each research fundamentals and concepts, and thinking for its possible application in our technology-demanding environment. So I guess, asking is a tool and not a means of any disruptions and turn offs.

I am not a research expert for I had only done few but as of my experience, I learned that in presenting a paper, it is necessary to assume that our listeners have no knowledge about it. But it is discouraged to presuppose that they will never understand it. To my CE friends, I am not really asking for the detailed computation that you made, but for the possible summary of the ‘DATA’ that you always mention. You stated that you uses a certain DPWH software that estimate the cost of each project, but is it really enough to base your conclusion on a mere cost estimate. I am not sure if you consider the geographical features and the land areas that it will cover and if it is not part of your research so please define it clearly in your scope and limitations. Which is really suitable and which is really economical? I am really puzzled on the idea on how you define it. What are your considerations and parameters to differentiate the first from the other? It is not my intension to turn your research down but to raise your imagination up.

To the rest, my IE, CpE and ECE friends, what I really want to share is that, aside from the objectives, another very important part of proposing a thesis work is to define our limitations.

It appears that I am so mean; yes I am, especially when you keep me guessing. I am asking on the mere fact that I gained interest on your research even it is beyond the boundaries of our learning.

To clear one last thing, I was not questioning the credibility or the accountability of your research. I only asked because it draws my attention, awaken my long been resting curiosity and to ease the boredom. Lastly, we ChE studes are really abiding the Second Law of thermodynamics in which our minds become more disorder when new learning particles have been added, with that large amount of energy will be released. I am not sure with the magnitude but surely, its entropy is positive.

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