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Why Travel Makes You an Awesome Person

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I’ll never forget the feeling of coming home from my first big trip abroad. I’d been away for over 4 months and I thought I would be excited to return home. It was great for a week or so. I enjoyed reuniting with my family and friends, and I missed my favorite foods and sleeping in my own bed. Yet, I quickly found myself longing for my days on the road traveling.

Any world traveler knows how addicting it is to travel. You can’t just go on one trip and be content with staying at home! Suddenly, the world is a much smaller place and you want to keep seeing more and more. When I returned from my second big trip backpacking in Italy, I didn’t recognize myself anymore. I had changed in more ways than I knew. Travel doesn’t just add stamps to your passport, but it makes you an awesome person. Let’s explore just how travel makes you an awesome person!

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You Gain Independence

There’s something about navigating the St. Petersburg, Russia subway alone that just gives you crazy independence. When you travel, even if you’re with a group, you’re pushed from your comfort zone. You’re far from home, and everything you see is new. You have to make your own decision. You’re your own boss and your own guide in many cases! This leads to a strengthened sense of independence. You really can do anything!

Less Becomes More

When you travel, you don’t have space for all the extras. If you’re staying in different parts of the world, you’ll quickly learn you need less than you think. Whether you’re limited to the space in your hostel locker or you’re backpacking on the trails, you have to choose what really matters. Suddenly, life isn’t about having the most “stuff,” but collecting the most experiences. What’s going to matter when you get home? Having a bag full of souvenirs or a lifetime of memories?

Ready for Adventure

I was always a planner until I spent time traveling. I love to have every minute of every trip mapped out in advance. Now, it’s all about living in the moment. I’ve booked last-minute flights in less than 24-hours, and I’m always searching for the next adventure. Whether you fly to Los Angeles or Los Vegas, the best adventures can’t be planned. Travel makes you ready for anything and ready for adventure!

Gain a New Perspective

When you do the same routine every day, it’s easy to lose touch with the way things really are. The problems you face at home can feel like the end of the world. When you travel, you gain a new perspective. You learn more about new parts of the world and you realize the small things you used to sweat don’t really matter. The more you see, the clearer you understand the world around you. This new perspective makes you an awesome, cultured person!

You Try New Things

Maybe you never thought you’d try spicy food or jump out of an airplane. You never know just what might inspire you to step out of your comfort zone until you’re somewhere new. Trying new things is easier when you realize just how amazing the world can be when you’re somewhere new! For travelers, trying new things isn’t a once-in-a-while occurrence, it’s a way of life.

Transform Through Travel

Traveling isn’t just about taking the best Instagram photos or visiting all the places from your guidebook. It’s about learning more about yourself and the world beyond your backyard. Even if you don’t realize it in the moment, you’re becoming an awesome person with every step you take out of your comfort zone! The world is a big place, so what are you waiting for? Go see it!

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