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Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. With everything duty-free, tourists flock to this metropolitan city, which was once a Port, in droves, prepared to face the scorching heat. It would be well worth it, as most shops stay open to well into the night after sunset to accommodate those who wouldn’t be able to handle the Saudi sun. And although shoppers may never want to leave, there’s so much more this city has to offer, having developed itself into the tourist attraction it is today.

Places that are worth having a look would be Ski Dubai, Dubai Miracle gardens, Dubai Creek, to mention just a few. You can easily use موقع حجز فنادق رخيص for advance booking of your comfort stay. Listed below are the top 5 of the best sights to see in Dubai in no particular order. 

1. Dubai Dolphinarium

The Dubai Dolphinarium provides a habitat for both dolphins, seals, and other marine organisms. Being the first fully air-conditioned indoor dolphinarium in the Middle East, it was designed with the comfort of their guests in mind. Since 2008, the Dolphinarium opened its doors to locals and tourists alike to interact with dolphins and seals through live shows and photo sessions. The aim was to motivate the youth to protect and preserve marine life, and the Dubai municipality can rest assured that they’ve done just that. 

2. Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is a structure made from glass, aluminum, and concrete and takes the shape of a picture frame. Being only a year old, the frame is positioned in such a way that visitors could view the older parts of Dubai on one side and modern Dubai on the other. Although being relatively new, it’s not short of its fair share of controversy as the design was by Fernando Donis who won a design competition. As it goes, the designer lost his intellectual property after it was stolen and could therefore not claim the credit for his design. Controversy aside, it is still a work of art, that frames the beauty of Dubai. 

3. Ski Dubai

Nestled in one of the largest shopping malls in the world, Mall of Emirates, one of Dubai’s ingenious inventions can be found – Ski Dubai. The ski resort is built on a 22,500-sq.ft area and must at all times maintain temperatures of 1 degree Celsius. The sheer magnitude of the resort is impressive with 5 slopes of varying difficulty and steepness, with the biggest attraction being the 85-meter high mountain. Over and above skiing, you can snowboard, sled, and book a penguin encounter. 

4.Dubai Creek

Separating the city from Deira is Dubai Creek. Visitors have described it as one of the most beautiful places in Dubai to visit, a place where old and new Dubai collide in the perfect romantic experience. To enjoy the creek to its fullest, boat rides upon old fashioned boats are offered adding to the charm and experience of the ride. Be sure not to come at the height of summer when the sun is high and a cool breeze is hard to come by. 

5. Dubai Miracle garden

Last but certainly not least, is the Dubai Miracle garden. Launched on the most romantic day in the world, Valentine’s Day, the breathtaking garden occupies 72 000 square meters, making it the World’s largest flower garden.  Featured in this stunning garden are 50 million flowers and 250 million plants! Apart from the stunning flowers, you could also enjoy the indoor butterfly garden which houses over 15,000 butterflies. 

Dubai is a city with so much to offer that isn’t afraid to keep pushing the boundaries to offer more. It is for this reason that Dubai has been able to transform itself from a Port, to one of the best tourist destinations in the world. You can easily book your flight through طيران الخليج. Year after year, this immaculate city breaks tourism records and by looking at how inviting it is – it comes as no surprise!

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