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Change the Number of Post showing in Tumblr blog Homepage

I revisited my Tumblr blog after two years and I have seen lot of changes including the interface and customization settings. I experimented on themes and then I was puzzled why is it that only three blogs or posts are showing in my homepage. it took some time for me to figure out so I would like to share the steps to guide others too.

  • Login to Tumblr.
  • Click your Tumblr Blog URL below the blog title in the right sidebar of Tumblr dashboard.
  • A new window will open showing your blog. Click Customize on the uppermost right of the page.
  • A customization panel will show on the left part of the page. Scroll down to see the Advanced section.
  • Click Advaced to see the options then update Post Per Page count with your desired.
  • Do not forget to save.

change number of post showing in tumbr blog homepage