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Malapascua: raw and stunning

The weather seemed uncooperative. Thick, gray clouds shrouded the horizon. It blocked the sunburst from hitting the surface. Below it was another stratocomulus layer hovering to the northeast—the direction of the southwest monsoon. Beyond it was a draping downpour, a harbinger of a miry adventure. The Visayan sea was rather chaotic that moment. Unpatterned ripples collided with each other—creating riptides—and repeatedly smashed the hull of the outrigger banca. The boat’s troubled buoyancy hardly kept us afloat. I Read more

the packer lodge

To be honest, I am not a hostel guy. Though it’s fun to meet some random travelers around, I prefer a private space to spend the night. The hostel setting would not give me the type of seclusion I wanted. Guests come and go anytime while some have weird activities during sleep. But due the the strong urge to save, I sometimes resort to this type of accommodation. I am Read more