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taal volcano main crater

There are two ways to enjoy your visit in Taal Volcano Main Crater. You can take the regular tourist trail, and then enjoy a panoramic bird’s eye view of the crater or hike your way up [then down] via the Secret or Kalawit (Calauit) Trail, and then witness not just the beautiful panorama of the lake but also experience the warmth of the sulfonated water. How to get There Board a Read more

Seeing an unhindered view of the Mayon Volcano is very rare for tourists. In my 3 days stay in Albay, I witnessed this perfect cone volcano, bold and uncovered, only on my third day – and, unluckily, I was on my way to the airport. I looked for the perfect spot to take one good photo but this is what I got, a building was covering the other foot of Read more

I slowly drew out my left foot from being sunk-in in the red mud when I smelt a rancid odor. It was a hydrogen sulfide-adulterated smoke that tried to escape from a long incarceration below the ground. Though dog-tired, it felt like a thorn was being pulled out of my throat. “Yes!”, I exclaimed, “I am close!”. I can already see the resting huts uphill, the summit of Taal Volcano Read more