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I jestingly invited my friends to witness the live crucifixions and penitential rites in San Pedro Cutud an eve prior to the village’s annual Lenten programs. Unknowingly, one of them ( Mico) had seriously taken the invitation. Since I was prying too of seeing these individuals nailed on the cross, I set our rendezvous and met at 9:00AM (which was previously scheduled at 11:00AM).

Foreign students participation in Cutud Pampanga

I was quite surprised when I saw two foreign women carrying their cross in the San Pedro Cutud’s annual “Via Crucis”. Both were in shades while one of them was in boots. They were given permit only to film the rites however they angered the organizers when they took part of the procession by bearing their own cross. Eventually, they were not allowed to reach the “Mount Calvary” nor permitted Read more