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Kawa Hot Bath Tibiao Antique

With both the mini rice terraces and Tibiao River in the backdrop, I selected the farthest kawa. I want the experience somewhat isolated and noteworthy, so I chose a location distant enough from any deterrents. When I told the staff of Kayak Inn of my chosen kawa, they started filling it with water, and then picked herbs and flowers for the hot bath, based on their decades-old formula. While it Read more

Malumpati Health Spring

Sleepy and tired, I endured Cebu’s interminable, Friday gridlock. My flight was 10PM, and getting through the slow-moving traffic requires a lot of perseverance, though I wasn’t the one driving. However, instead of getting upset, I thought of the beautiful adventure that awaits at the other end of that journey. I arrived in Kalibo as scheduled. However, trips for Antique were no longer available. Hence, I stayed in the city, Read more