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Must-visit islands in central Philippines

Condé Nast Traveler recognized three Philippine Islands, Boracay (1st), Cebu (2nd), and Palawan (4th), as among the five best islands in Asia on its latest readers’ choice awards. Two of them are from the Visayas. Boracay and Cebu are undoubtedly two of the country’s most popular. Both receives significant number of tourists, and many more are aspiring to visit. Malapascua Island, on the other hand, may not be able to Read more

Ermita Beach, Sipaway Island

The breeze whispered my name. I could also hear the sea calling and the sun waving an invite. The itchy sunburn from previous getaways instantly responded. It temporarily reduced the pain. It convinced me, as if it talked, “You can tolerate more.” My adventurous self, who knows no restraint when it comes to travel—as long as I have extra budget to splurge—went out to search for another underrated destination. ‘Twas Read more

Typhoon Beach, Danjugan Island

Leaving Sipalay was heartbreaking. We could have stayed longer if time permitted. Due to the uncooperative weather condition, we missed some of its priced natural attractions, which made us feel that the trip was incomplete. Also, I will surely miss the acquaintance I made, especially the staff of Easy Diving and Beach Resort, who had been very helpful. To negate the sadness, I thought of good memories and better pictures Read more