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Many said that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, and once you fully give in, it awakens the child in you. However, I have a different sentiment. Probably because I just have a different childhood—a lot more different than any other child have—that is why, I did not completely enjoy it. We took an early fast craft the day after our exasperating walkathon in Macau. Again, that was an amazing Read more

Mickey Mouse the Whalers is worthy for a shutter feature. I took this photo last August 26, 2013 in front of the main entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland. Mickey appears surfing on the water spraying from the whale’s “blow hole”. (click on the image to share and view full size) Exif: Camera: EOS 1100D Aperture: F/11 Focal Length: 18 mm ISO-Speed: 1600 Shutter Speed: 1 sec. Exposure Program: Manual  

It took me several hours for me to take good shots of Sleeping Beauty’s castle during our visit in Hong Kong Disneyland. I witnessed how the colors transitioned, displaying a great contrast against the deep blue sky during the twilight. It also blends the with color of the dark night. This made Sleeping Beauty’s castle to Freedom Wall‘s shutter feature.