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Romantic sunset

Traveling unites people and may be very handy when it comes to improving your dating life. If you travel alone, you can find a potential match at the most unexpected place, for example, to meet a Russian girlfriend. Or you can grab the sweetheart you already have and rush to open new horizons together. In this article, we’d like to tackle the latter case and give you valuable advice on Read more

Rico's Lechon Baked Scallops

The chestnut-brown to ebony timber furnishing, the inky metal frames and railings, and the transparent glass panels give the façade of the newest branch of Rico’s Lechon a simple yet elegant look. From the inside, the designs are not simple at all. The interiors are carefully matched to the finest details from the seat upholstery, wall and ceiling hangings, flower arrangements, to lighting works, as well as the creative use Read more

McDo's McShare Box

Whenever we have small gatherings, simple occasions, or humble celebrations whether for a job well done in the office, completing a client project, striking out a good deal, or achieving modest milestones, we celebrate them with food. Now that the yuletide season is getting closer, we bond with family and friends with food as well. Celebrate with McShare Box To make every dining moments with our loved ones more special, Read more

Boracay is one of the World's best island

Travel for leisure has become an essential part of our daily lives. Sometimes, we wanted to know what is beyond the horizon and what other wonderful places are there for us to explore. We want to learn and understand other cultures, savor a variety of flavors and cuisines, and experience the wonders of nature from a different vantage point. However, something is holding us back to cross out the destinations Read more

'Ophelia' Southgate, Melbourne

Melbourne is an awesome place to be a nerd these days. No more will we be lovers of video games, anime, manga, sci-fi, tabletop gaming, and more need to hide from our nerdy passions. Planning to visit Melbourne anytime soon? You’ve come to the right place! Before you fly There’s a lot of groups to join, conventions to go to, and shops to visit. The best way to experience all Read more

Zanskar Valley, Ladakh

It would be a long discussion when talk about ranking India’s most beautiful destinations. The country is a home to stunning topography that help you to reunite with nature. You can enjoy your holiday trip wholeheartedly visiting the wonderful and eye-catching landscapes and places of India. Aside from that, you can also enjoy the variety of Indian climate, ranging from temperate, tropical, or desertous conditions. In this article, allow me to walk you though to some spectacular Read more

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journal 2017

The holiday season is just around the corner. Christmas carols are playing over the air lanes, vibrant lights are dazzling on the streets, and people are on the shopping rush. And as we fill the final pages of 2016, we anticipate for the opportunities in the year to come. We start to plot our plans and look forward for a fruitful and eventful 2017. The 2017 Giving Journal The 2017 Read more