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Best Packing Tips for Spring Travel - Lyssa Amor Diaz

After a long and seemingly eternal winter, spring is here with us, transitioning us into summer. Just like all other seasons of the year, traveling in spring has its own unique benefits and challenges. Therefore, you need to pay attention to all the planning processes that go into spring tours. One way of doing so is packing discreetly to make your journey more fulfilling. Whether you are planning to travel Read more

travel kit

I’ll never forget the feeling of coming home from my first big trip abroad. I’d been away for over 4 months and I thought I would be excited to return home. It was great for a week or so. I enjoyed reuniting with my family and friends, and I missed my favorite foods and sleeping in my own bed. Yet, I quickly found myself longing for my days on the Read more

Looking to save on high-volume printing costs? No worries! More users can now enjoy the convenience of printing thousands of pages at a low-cost with “HP’s DeskJet GT All-in-One Printer” promo. With the HP DeskJet GT All-in-One Printer promo, every purchase of HP DeskJet GT 5810 All-in-One Printer or HP DeskJet GT 5820 All-in-One Printer guarantees customers a P1000 off the original price and a free bottle of HP GT51 Read more

HP Deskjet 3775

This summer, let your child’s creativity shine with the HP Ink Advantage All-in-One Printer. Now, you can easily enjoy vibrant and quality printouts that will showcase your kids’ imagination on paper with the “HP Ink Advantage Printer” promo. With the promo, every purchase of HP Ink Advantage All-in-One printers comes with two (2) free HP 680 Black or Tri-Color Original Ink Advantage Cartridges to help your child’s artworks and projects Read more

Carnaza Island

As the sun alternately hid and peeked from the moving, scattered cumuli, the morning breeze blew gently to our dopey visage. Though there were intermittent drizzles, the weather, somehow, pepped up our tired, sinful souls. It was, indeed, an awesome day to explore new places. The Turbulent Sea However, as we approach the jetty of Tapilon, things became quite unsettling. The coast was disturbed with breakwater, and the surface of Read more

Taipei 101 from below

We scaled the view deck at the top floor of Taipei 101, anticipating that it would be much better up there. We were never wrong. It felt so good. We can see how the world progressed thus far. The horizon was pretty amazing. But it was sad. We had no idea what was happening below. The flickering street lights stir much of our curiosity. The emotion is quite familiar, which Read more

There are many convenient aspects to our modern lifestyle, however the great opportunity for easy, convenient travel is undoubtedly one of the most powerful aces up our sleeve. Some people don’t even realize the huge opportunity that are available in this area, which is unfortunate, because the world offers so much to explore and see. It’s a good idea to take the time to explore what you can do within Read more