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One way to maximize your earnings is to show you must have a good location of all your ads. You may use your sidebars for your ad space but your readers may just negate it specially those who only after the contents of your post or articles. With that, there will be lesser clicks and slower income returns.

The best location for your ads is to paste it inside your content block…(See the ad space just above the first paragraph of this article and below the post title). In that location, I am sure that my readers will first noticed the ads and if its enticing, they will surely hit it.

If you want to include or insert an ad in your content block just like mine, you may follow the procedure below. Take note that I was able to test only two advertisement platform for this settings and it works with BidVertiser and Google Adsense. But is you are using other providers, you may follow the same procedure for your experiment.

1. First You must generate you Adsense and/or BidVertiser code. For Adsense users, always remember that there are only three Adsense blocks allowed in every space, the fourth one will certainly not appear.

2. Make your Adsense or Bidvertiser code friendly. Open POSTABLE, paste the code in the box then  click “make it friendly” in the bottom-right of the page. See image below.


3. Log-in to your Blogger Account

4. Click “Layouts” followed by “Edit HTML”

5. Back-up your Templates by clicking “Download Full Template”. (Just in case of unintentional deletion of some contents)

6. Tick “Expand Widget Templates”

7. Find this code [marker]<div class=’post-body entry-content’>[/marker]

8. Copy the code generated after performing procedure 2 and paste it above the code in procedure 7 then save the template. See image below.

insert adsense ads to blogger post body

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