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Before we headed to our 7-day Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam Tour, I made some research as to what are the places to visit, transportation to take, and their corresponding fees. Here is the actual result of that research which includes the commuting guide and itinerary. I provided some links (colored fonts) just in case you wanted to know the details of our tour. You can leave your comment(s) if you have questions and I’ll Read more

After a rush tour around Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Thommanon, and Ta Prohm, we immediately returned to our hotel, packed some of our loose belongings, and then checked out. We waited for our contact to pick us up. In ten minutes, the van came and brought us to the terminal of Rith Mony Transport. We paid US$15 for our tickets from a third party agent – the same person who offered us the Angkor Read more