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Batad Rice Terraces

Waking up wrapped in a dawn chill, that is thousand meters above, overlooking a seemingly natural man-made creation which size is as colossal as the mountain that holds it is truly remarkable. Reaching it may be a frowner to some, however, you’ll forget all about the difficulties when you finally see Batad Rice Terraces, the most popular among the rice terraces of the Cordilleras. Batad, along with 4 other rices terraces Read more

Sumaguing Cave

Indulged with unprecedented and captivating charm, Sagada remains as one of the top choices for those who are looking for a tranquil getaway. The temperate climes, the towering massifs, the awesome caverns and rock formations, the appetizing dainties, the perpetuated traditions, and the accommodating locality melded perfectly to give you a memorable stay. If you want to experience a piece of Sagada’s splendor, then below details may be a handful. How Read more

Characters of the Popular Filipino legend (Malakas at Maganda)

Nayong Philipino transferred from a now mothballed building near NAIA Terminal 2 to Clark Field, Pampanga since November 2007. It now occupies the south to the southeastern portion of the Clark Expo (formerly Expo Filipino), the Philippine National Centennial Exposition and centerpiece for the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Philippine Independence, featuring an amphitheater-type mega tent that can seat 35,000 people. Nayong Pilipino features some bits and pieces of Read more

Salagdoong Beach in the Town of Maria, Siquijor

I could feel the biting chill as we whisked along the narrow passage to Salagdoong beach. The morning sun was barely peeking through the amalgamation of leaves and branches forming an archway. Passing through the Man-made Molave forest felt like royal. According to my habal-habal driver, the man-made forest is 60 years in the making and stretches nearly two kilometers. The forest offers comforting shades and exhibits a relaxing ambiance to Read more

Niludhan Falls

We are few meters passed Barangay Dawis proper when the conductor gazed at me and asked in the local language; “You’re alighting at Niludhan, right?” – reaffirming that I am not going farther than what I paid for. I shelled out ₱68 as fare from Bayawan City terminal to Sitio Niludhan in Barangay Dawis. After few minutes, the conductor struck the metal railings, signalling the driver to pull over. Then, Read more

cebu canyoneering

I have been hearing Cebu’s Canyoning or Canyoneering activities since 2011 but I never got a chance to try it. Yes, not even as of this writing – and that is because of the pesky storm which prompted my guides to cancel the activity. However, instead of going completely broke, I decided to peek on the multiple cascades of Kawasan Falls, which, at that moment, was still accessible. Kawasan Falls Read more

Princesa Bulakna's Kiram Suite

I could see the reefs in the seemingly shallow deep. From a afar is a mangrove-forested shore shielded with a concrete dike. On the other end are few houses overlooking the rock cliffs. Few seconds later, I heard the ships honked, signalling that we are approaching the port. Yes! In few moments, I could finally set foot in Siquijor. I missed the fast craft so I decided to hop on Read more


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