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Hand-rolled Truffles

The shop seats seemingly ordinary at first glance. Unassuming. The glass that separates the house of sweets from the outside refracts the day light, creating a glossy tint, which eventually reduces the transparency. You could not get an apparent view of what is actually inside. The Chocolate Chamber Boutique Behind the fragile walls is The Chocolate Chamber. Initially, you may wonder if it either sells your favorite Belgian chocolates or Read more

Le Monet Hotel in Camp John Hay is one of the most recommended hotel in Baguio City

No one disputes Baguio City as the summer capital of the Philippines. Because of such fame, many other temperate communities around the country call themselves little Baguio. Though there are many other cooler places around; Sagada and Banaue, to name a few, Baguio still remains the place to go for the majority of Filipino vacationers. With a climate that may go as low as 8 °C from December to February, Read more

Dos Hermanos, Pagudpud

As a home to pristine beachfronts, awesome rock formations, and scenic countryside, Pagudpud awes every travelers, first timers or not. The inviting Saud Beach and Blue Lagoon are more than enough to entice you to visit. Likewise, the Kapurpurawan rock formations, the Kabigan Falls, the wind farm in Bangui, and the secrets of past of the neighboring towns are equally intriguing – you will surely find your way to the Read more

Boat for Island Hopping in Alona Beach, Panglao

I was back after 12 years. The port looked really different and I couldn’t find any familiar edifice. There were no foreign traces nevertheless, still I felt ‘twas my first. Though a ride along the hilly terrain caused me deja vu. It was 2003 when I first stepped Bohol for a Regional Schools’ Press Conference and I didn’t have any follow up visit after that. So after more than a Read more

Ian Limpangog for Cebu Canyoneering

A sudden stop woke me up. My legs twinged and my elbow pained. I probably pressed them unconsciously against hard surfaces when I was asleep. My neck also hurt a bit. Having it tilted for hours might had strained the tissues. After few stretches and twists, I was back to my inured self. I peeked outside and immediately recognized that we were close [to our destination]. I did a quick fix; Read more

camotes island

Going to Camotes is somewhat taking an off the beaten path, at least for non-Cebuanos. The islands’ landscape is relatively rural and the development is exclusive only to resort operators. Public transport is serviced mostly by habal-habal or motorcycles. The Camotes Group of Islands (Poro, Pacijan, Tulang Diot, and Ponson Islands) is under the jurisdiction of Cebu Province with four municipal division under its umbrella namely; San Francisco, Poro, Tudela, and Pilar. Read more

Larsian BBQ options

I could hardly choose the best deal. Barbecue vendors were rushing to swank about their freebies and discounts. After carefully scrutinizing their offers, we had selected a spot for our chomp. The promise of unlimited free soup and great bill discount influenced our decision to side Eliza’s, a barbecue shop within Larsian. The crew lead us to our seats. The chitchats of the other group beside us were apparent. The Read more