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Saint Francis of Assisi Church in Siquijor, Siquijor

When I was a kid, all I heard about Siquijor were tales of sorcery and witchcraft. Thus, even though we were almost a stone-throw away from the island and despite having close relatives residing to one of its growing communities, I never asked my parents to pay a visit. When the child’s mind has become mature and the adventurous genes are getting dominant, those stories have become a weaker hindrance. Read more

Pinoy Travel Bloggers

Top brass Filipino travel bloggers? Here’s my list in no particular order: Lakwatsero Ask Angel everything about travelling around the Philippines and he will give you complete and precise travel guides with matching important notes, tips, and reminders. He mastered writing do-it-yourself (DIY) guides that do not only include “how to get there”, “where to stay”, and “what to do” but also stresses cultural significance, community impact, and environmental preservation. Read more

Lakeside cabana

What I immediately noticed when I visited Punta Isla Lake Resort are the sweet sound of the tree dwellers. Singing an un-arranged lullaby, the Eurasian Tree Sparrows, the Chestnut Munias, the Pied Fantails, the orioles, and the swallows emanate a music that so fresh to the ears. Listening to these songs while wandering along the flower-filled alleys, the rustic stairways, and the healthy greens of the resort really feels extraordinary. Read more

The lotuses are in full bloom in the unsurprisingly calm Lake Sebu

Settled at 1000-meters above sea level and is sandwiched between Roxas-Matulas and Daguma Mountain Ranges, the municipality of Lake Sebu is unsurprisingly cool and abundantly vegetated. Springs and rivers from these rolling hills provide continuous water supply to the three important watersheds of the town, namely; Lake Sebu, Lake Lahit, and Lake Seloton. The home of the indigenous T’Boli, Ubo, Tiruray, and Manobo tribes is also known for its majestic water Read more

Tori's Backpackers Paradise

Around the later week of December 2014, I checked Siquijor before going home to spend the New Year with my family. When I am about to board a Dumaguete-bound ferry, the coast guard halted all sea-based trips – a pesky storm visited the Philippine islands again. Uh! That was a major buzzkill! I tried to eavesdrop on local travelers’ conversations, hoping for possible runaway options, however, I heard it was too risky. Read more

Batad Rice Terraces

Waking up wrapped in a dawn chill, that is thousand meters above, overlooking a seemingly natural man-made creation which size is as colossal as the mountain that holds it is truly remarkable. Reaching it may be a frowner to some, however, you’ll forget all about the difficulties when you finally see Batad Rice Terraces, the most popular among the rice terraces of the Cordilleras. Batad, along with 4 other rices terraces Read more

Sumaguing Cave

Indulged with unprecedented and captivating charm, Sagada remains as one of the top choices for those who are looking for a tranquil getaway. The temperate climes, the towering massifs, the awesome caverns and rock formations, the appetizing dainties, the perpetuated traditions, and the accommodating locality melded perfectly to give you a memorable stay. If you want to experience a piece of Sagada’s splendor, then below details may be a handful. How Read more


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