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Discounted Taiwan Attraction Passes, tours, and experience

Taiwan is one of Asia’s cultural centerpiece. With strong Chinese heritage and some Japanese influence, the country is quite diverse when it comes traditions, practices, and delicacies. However, there’s more to Taiwan apart from the cultural immersion. Rock formations, watersheds, natural parks, technological wonders, and other advancements are things you can expect. Like many advanced economies, Taiwan is not that affordable. So when you are planning to visit the country, Read more

Lake Sebu Travel Guide

Settled at 1000 meters above sea level, and is sandwiched between Roxas-Matulas and Daguma Mountain Ranges, the municipality of Lake Sebu is unsurprisingly temperate and abundantly vegetated. Springs and rivers from these rolling hills provide continuous water supply to the three important watersheds of the town, namely; Lake Sebu, Lake Lahit, and Lake Seloton. The home of the indigenous T’Boli, Ubo, Tiruray, and Manobo tribes is also known for its majestic water Read more

Hunza Valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan

Much of the world imagine that there are little paradises and spiritual getaways nestled in the mountains and valleys of China and Southeast Asia. In part this can be viewed as a true statement. However, it is also largely the result of works of fiction, and in particular the novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton. This is the book in which the mystical land of Shangri-La was invented – described Read more

Torpedo extreme boat ride in Paranas, Samar

Each boat can carry a maximum of five guests. We carefully sat on our respective slots, with our seats at heel level. A watchman was seated in front; our guide was positioned at the end seat, while the captain stood near the rear bow. Since there are no outriggers, it shook a lot when we started hopping in. However, as it started moving, the boat was steady and smooth. The Read more

Kawa Hot Bath Tibiao Antique

With both the mini rice terraces and Tibiao River in the backdrop, I selected the farthest kawa. I want the experience somewhat isolated and noteworthy, so I chose a location distant enough from any deterrents. When I told the staff of Kayak Inn of my chosen kawa, they started filling it with water, and then picked herbs and flowers for the hot bath, based on their decades-old formula. While it Read more

The rolling hills of Mararison Island

I could hardly draw the horizon. From my vantage point (at Culasi boardwalk), Mararison Island (also called Malalison) is covered with the draping downpour. According to the locals, it usually appears as floating green mound during sunny days, but that moment, it looked like a mere apparition. Still hoping for a good weather, I headed to the municipal tourism office to book a tour. A two-way boat transfer is pretty Read more

Silhouette of Ian Limpangog at the mouth of Langun Cave

Spending a night or two below the ground, in a chamber where no sunlight could not penetrate is not among my bucket list. Whenever I travel, I always look for blue sky, green massifs, white beach, aquamarine deep, and vivid sunsets, so I never imagine myself camping in deep caverns. However, my strong sense of adventure dominated over my preference to vibrancy and colors. Thus, I said yes to the Read more