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Moalboal Travel Guide: Home of Cebu’s Famed Underwater Wonders

That elusive photo chasing a sardine run, that priced selfie with a marine testudine, and that noteworthy beach camp gracing the sunset are just few of the expectations listed on every Moalboal goer. Moalboal, a once sleepy town seating 90 kilometers southwest of Cebu City, offers a laid-back vibe. Stunning white strips adorn its edges, where clear and calm ripples regularly wash off the shore. Panagsama Beach, Moalboal Beneath are unassuming underwater wonders. Sea turtles are frequently seen feeding on seaweeds, not minding the snorkelers hovering over as they search for nutrition. A bit further is a conglomeration of coral blooms, resembling an underwater meadow. ... Read more

Cebu Canyoneering and Kawasan Falls Travel Guide: Beyond the Canyons and Waterfalls

We’d barely slept the night before. A friend and her daughter missed their flight so they had to re-book an alternative route. Aside from the extra chunk of cash that they needed to shell out for re-booking, the hassle of transferring to another airport and the struggle to get a seat at the busiest time of the busiest day at Cebu South Bus Terminal was a hell of peskiness. I could understand the troubles of the mother trying to secure her child a comfortable journey while keeping all the cumbersome backpacks. While the first batch arrived early in Oslob, where ... Read more

Danjugan Island Travel Guide: More Than a Wildlife Sanctuary

Leaving Sipalay was heartbreaking. We could have stayed longer if time permitted. Due to the uncooperative weather condition, we missed some of its priced natural attractions, which made us feel that the trip was incomplete. Also, I will surely miss the acquaintance I made, especially the staff of Easy Diving and Beach Resort, who had been very helpful. The receiving hall and restaurant in Moray Lagoon To negate the sadness, I thought of good memories and better pictures of what lies ahead of our adventure. Danjugan Island was our next stop. The stunning photographs of its lagoons and surrounding beaches ... Read more

Sipalay Travel Guide: Exploring the Jewels of Negros

Sipalay was a long ride from Cebu City. I had to wake up around one at dawn to hop on the 2AM bus that travels to the southern tip of Cebu Island, and then catch the earliest ferry ride to Dumaguete. Despite leaving early, it was already 5PM when I reached Sipalay City proper. That included my 2-hour stopover at our humble abode in Siaton. I actually celebrated my birthday on the road. Solitary and hungry. Because of the long trip, busy holiday traffic, and jam-packed terminals, I skipped some meals just to keep my travel arrangements and schedule. Sipalay ... Read more

Exploring the Rustic Charm of Siquijor: A DIY Travel Guide

When I was a kid, all I heard about Siquijor were tales of sorcery and witchcraft. Thus, even though we were almost a stone-throw away from the island and despite having close relatives residing in one of its growing communities, I never asked my parents to pay a visit. When the child’s mind has become mature and the adventurous genes are getting dominant, those stories have become a weaker hindrance. Just recently, I visited Siquijor all by myself. The beach near Siquijor Port Siquijor bestows an exquisite charm. Despite being a popular destination, the island retains the rustic ambiance and ... Read more

Kansalakan Enchanted River and Hinakpan Mystical Hills: A Travel Guide to Guihulngan City

A marquee of ultramarine and viridescence rolls like phantasms. Images of sandbars, islets, foliage, water cascades, and streams are flashing back and forth, teeming my imagination. They are like unachieved dreams that toy with you every time they come to your attention. I could not help but to give in to the mystifying call of conquest, a call to find the underrated destination of the Philippines. Kansalakan Enchanted River in Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental My itchy feet and thirst for adventure brought me to Guihulngan. I did not invite a friend to travel with. It was completely random, and I ... Read more

Bojo River and Hermit’s Cove: The Stunner’s of Aloguinsan

Everything happened on a random. I immediately hit going the moment I saw the Facebook invite notification. A weekend getaway to Aloguinsan is something I couldn’t afford to miss, after previous derailed plans. Though the trip was going Dutch, resisting would mean my loss. The chance of traveling with the awesome folks of Cebu Bloggers Society is an opportunity in itself. Spending quality time at Bojo River Aloguinsan seats southwest of Cebu City and is sandwiched between the municipalities of Barili on its south and Pinamungajan on its north. The place seemed closer to the metro but getting there is ... Read more

Two Peaks in One Day: A Travel Guide to Mounts Mauyog and Manunggal

We decided to spend our weekend to go out for a quick adventure, and then found ourselves at the top of Mount Mauyog and Mount Manunggal. We happened to visit during a local fiesta celebration, so we had our lunch free.

A Travel Guide to Kinatarcan (Guintacan) Island: The Rise of the Once Unknown

A forsaken island, which receives less attention and less infrastructure development funding, is seating idly at the north of Cebu. Its wonders are unexplored, its beauty is rarely appreciated, and its potential is constantly overlooked. I don’t want to make this article political, but in an island that can only grow cassava and noni, and is highly dependent on fishing, the local government must explore on sustainable tourism development as an alternative source of income for the residents. I heard that Ms Gina Lopez kicked off the project but the implementation phase isn’t underway yet. The top view of Kinatarcan ... Read more