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The Rolling Hills of Mararison Island: A Travel Guide

I could hardly draw the horizon. From my vantage point (at Culasi boardwalk), Mararison Island (also called Malalison) is covered with the draping downpour. According to the locals, it usually appears as a floating green mound during sunny days, but at that moment, it looked like a mere apparition. Still hoping for good weather, I headed to the municipal tourism office to book a tour. A two-way boat transfer is pretty expensive for a solo traveler like me, so I patiently waited for other guests to arrive. Like most of my travels, I usually share costly boat transfer fees with ... Read more

What’s New in Boracay: All Exciting Things You Should Try in the New Boracay

When it comes to the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines, one of the best contenders is the island of Boracay. But what did really happen after the rehabilitation of this popular beach? How are the tourists coping with the changes made in the island? With a convenient tour package in the Philippines, you can explore the new Boracay with a fresh take. The pristine, powdery white sand of the new Boracay Clean Living in the Pristine Island After the 6-month rehabilitation period of Boracay, the original version of the island was restored. It went back to its crystal clear ... Read more

Calaguas Island Group (Do-It-Yourself) DIY Travel Guide

Mahabang Buhangin beach of Calaguas is perhaps the most awesome and gorgeous beach in the Philippines (with Boracay and Malcapuya trailing behind). Apart from the long strip of fine, powdery, white sand, it also features a luxuriant green backdrop, fresh air, unobstructed lying space for stargazing, squeaky-clean water to swim, a wide beachfront to hangout, and many more. You may have plenty of reasons to see the place, but the effort to reach the island group discouraged some. Good thing that travel agencies offer assisted tour packages. However, if you want the experience to be more solitary, exclusive, and noteworthy, ... Read more

Batad, Banaue Travel Guide (Commute and Where to Stay)

Waking up wrapped in a dawn chill, on a hill that is thousand meters above, overlooking a seemingly natural man-made creation, which size is as colossal as the mountain that holds it is truly remarkable. Reaching it may be a frowner to some, however, you’ll forget all about the difficulties when you finally see Batad Rice Terraces, the most popular among the rice terraces of the Cordilleras. Batad, along with 4 other rices terraces in Ifugao, are considered as national cultural treasures with great historical significance. These rice terraces (Batad, Bangaan, Hungduan, Mayoyao Central, and Nagacadan) are listed in the UNESCO ... Read more

Pagudpud, The Wonder of the North: A Travel Guide

As a home to pristine beachfronts, awesome rock formations, and scenic countryside, Pagudpud awes every travelers, first timers or not. The inviting Saud Beach and Blue Lagoon are more than enough to entice you to visit. Likewise, the Kapurpurawan rock formations, the Kabigan Falls, the wind farm in Bangui, and the secrets of past of the neighboring towns are equally intriguing – you will surely find your way to the northernmost municipality of Luzon island. Pagudpud Travel Guide Pagudpud, by the way, is a coastal resort town of Ilocos Norte. When you visit Pagudpud, make sure that you also make ... Read more

Kalanggaman Island Travel Guide: The Stunner of Palompon, Leyte

Even the sun wasn’t up yet, I already noticed the unusual gloom. Clouds hovered really low, and the intermittent drizzles didn’t seem favorable. From afar, I could hardly draw the horizon as it was blurred by the draping downpour. The gale warning signal issued by a local climate authority discouraged the plan further. This photo of Kalanggaman Island is so tempting that I couldn’t afford to cancel the trip despite the unusual gloom. I was never reluctant to travel to Ormoc, though. I had plan B in mind—that whenever we are not allowed to cross to Kalanggaman Island that day, ... Read more

Cadapdapan Rice Terraces, Can-Umantad Falls, and Canawa Spring: A Travel Guide to Candijay, Bohol

The sun was almost touching the horizon. Its angle had caused the trees to cast stretched shadows on the surface. It radiated less heat. The alternating shade and exposure gave me a comforting mix of chill and warmth as I traversed the highlands of Candijay on a motorbike. The setting sun seemed conducive to a long, uncovered motorcycle ride. However, despite the favorable condition, I couldn’t not rule out the possibility of running out of time. I have three destinations on my list: Cadapdapan Rice Terraces, Can-Umantad Falls, and Canawa Cold Spring. I was afraid that I could not cover ... Read more

Canigao Island, Hitoog Cave, and Karap-agan (Mahayahay) Falls: A Travel Guide to Matalom Leyte

When I set my eyes on something, I’ll make sure to do everything to achieve it. I will only stop if pursuing is really impossible and life-threatening, especially when it comes to travel goals. That was why, when I set my course to Matalom, Leyte, I set my expectation pretty clearly—that before I cross to Canigao Island, I should experience Hitoog Cave and Karap-agan Falls first. That was the only viable option then since we had to return to Hilongos early the following day to catch our ferry back to Cebu. While I was securing our return ferry tickets, my ... Read more

Max’s Rice Bowls: Enjoy Real Food For Every Mood

Dining is a social event. We want to share the moment with family, friends, and acquaintances. We wanted it intimate with our special someone. Most of us dine as a reward to ourselves for a job well done or a completed milestone. For many, dining is a way to celebrate. Solo Dining However, in some cases, we love to eat alone. Probably to vent out our sorrow, to spend a me-time, to self-reward, or to simply avoid the long hours of chitchat associated with group dining. When we talk about dining alone, only fast food chains come to mind. The ... Read more