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2022 Maayo Shipping Schedule and Rates for Sibulan—Liloan and Tampi—Bato

The risk of COVID-19 is still looming. The pandemic is not yet over. Despite the Philippines performing relatively better this time, many of our neighboring countries are experiencing surges of infection. But we have to move forward, recover, and stir economic activities. The government is mandating return-to-office starting April 01, so many of us will be returning to the workplace from our respective provinces. It’s time to get out from our dens and meet our workmates and friends face-to-face while observing proper health protocols. Maayo Shipping updates rates For those who reside in Negros Oriental and are working or traveling ... Read more

Eat like a Londoner: 5 hidden culinary hotspots that are off the beaten track

Whether you’re visiting for the first or the five hundredth time, London has a myriad of cuisine for you to sample from around the world, thanks to its rich culture and heritage. However, this can cause an all-too-common dilemma, go somewhere that’s tried and tested or try somewhere new and hope the wildcard pays off? St. Paul’s Cathedral, London photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash So, to make life that little bit easier, here’s five places for you to try around London that you may not have heard of. Step up to the plate at Man vs Food London Want ... Read more

Museums in Singapore That You Must Visit!

Singapore is a cosmopolitan island city-state in the region of South East Asia. It is widely considered as one of the most renowned cities in the world. Aside from being a major economic and commercial hub, the city-state is also a booming tourist destination with a range of fun attractions, historical landmarks, delectable local cuisine, and cultural institutions.  Marina Bay, Singapore. Photo by Swapnil Bapat on Unsplash Despite of being geographically small, Singapore has a rich and colorful history that transpired due to its diverse culture and heritage. This is why the city has an array of museums and galleries that help share ... Read more

Cruising Indonesia – The Best Destinations to Visit

Here’s a fun fact about Indonesia – it’s home to over 18,000 islands, over half of which are populated. And that’s not just a fun fact, that’s one of the reasons why organizing a cruise where you visit everything that’s worth visiting is actually more difficult than you’d think. But fret not, because we’ve got things sorted out for you. We’ll guide you through a two-week cruise that shows you what Indonesia is all about, and you’ll leave knowing that you’ve experienced Indonesia like it’s meant to be experienced. The Spice Islands Even though a bit further away than the ... Read more

What To See & Do: Singapore vs. Macau

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Similarities Between Singapore & Macau  As two of the most unique destinations in Asia, it’s no surprise that millions of tourists flock to each city every year. In 2019, Macau saw 27 million tourists, while Singapore welcomed just over 19 million.  On the surface, both destinations seem to have more in common than not. They’re both small, with Macau taking up 26 percent less space than Singapore at 28 square kilometers. Both cities are also politically unique. Macau is a former Portuguese colony that’s now a sovereign region of China, while Singapore was a former British colony ... Read more

Apo Island Travel Guide: From a Non-diver’s Perspective

Apo Island is a marine sanctuary and a popular dive spot. In fact, the island was listed on the 2008 version of Sport Diver Magazine’s top 100 diving spots in the world. Guests spend most of their time exploring the depths of its surrounding waters to meet and greet with its inhabitants. Vast coral conglomeration, gentle swimmers, and colorful foliage circle its deep. The underwater communities thrive as they are protected by the Philippines laws, and of course, with the help of the cooperating island locals. Apo Island Dive Resort Recent studies show that the island is a home to ... Read more

Malapascua Travel Guide and the Not-so-ordinary Island Life

Malapascua is one of the smallest inhabited islands in the Philippines. It measures 2.5 on its longest side and 1 kilometer on its shorter span. Being a cleaning station for thresher sharks and manta rays and a home to diverse coral species, Malapascua became a famous dive site. The island is also a host to multiple white-sand beaches and interesting rock formations. Malapascua, by the way, floats 6.8 kilometers northeast of Cebu island. Malapascua’s northern strip, Langub Beach I’ve been receiving recommendations to see Malapascua since I moved to Cebu. Hence, when I finally got a chance, I boarded a bus ... Read more

Post-lockdown travel plan: Dream destination push

At first glance, I thought it was a just another crawler or insect slayer. When I stare at the ceiling, my eyelashes are still entangled with the sticky eye discharge. Out of discomfort, I closed my eyes, and then I gently massage my upper eyelids with my fingertips, stroking down my eyelashes. It eventually removes the tiny specks that cling at the ends and refuse to let go. They remind me to hold on in spite of the difficulties. I open my eyes again, and then, I realize that the crawler is just an elongated hole with paint erosion. It ... Read more

Travel Essentials for Your Next Beach Trip

Are you planning on going to the beach soon? While a sunny getaway is always a good idea, you can make your trip even better by ensuring that you have all the proper items packed in your suitcase. To help you craft the perfect checklist, here are the travel essential you should bring for your next beach trip! Your Travel Necessities Whether you’re driving to a local beach or flying over to one of the many stunning beaches Asia has to offer, you’ll need to safeguard your safety during your stay at the beach. It goes without saying that you’ll need ... Read more