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10 Underrated yet Stunning, Must-visit Islands in the Visayas

Condé Nast Traveler recognized three Philippine Islands, Boracay (1st), Cebu (2nd), and Palawan (4th), as among the five best islands in Asia on its latest readers’ choice awards. Two of them are from the Visayas. Boracay and Cebu are undoubtedly two of the country’s most popular. Both receives significant number of tourists, and many more are aspiring to visit. Whitebeach, Boracay Island Malapascua Island, on the other hand, may not be able to make the cut but is already an internationally recognized dive spot. It is a haven for deep sea scuba divers, especially those who wanted to see the ... Read more

10 Exciting Things to Do in Dumaguete, Valencia, and Neighboring Towns: A Travel guide

Laid-back vibe, slow-paced lifestyle, and rustic feels albeit the bustling concrete jungle and contiguous crossroads, Dumaguete City keeps its countryside impression despite the urban classification. Not to mention, the city is also a provincial capital. The crowd is concentrated within the downtown, while other areas remain almost still and bare. Staying in Dumaguete gives you extraordinary escape that is away from unending gridlock, pesky stressors, and galling expectations of everyday life. List of things to do in Dumaguete, Valencia, and their neighboring towns. If you see Dumaguete within range of your travel horizon, here’s a list of things that you ... Read more

5 places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. With everything duty-free, tourists flock to this metropolitan city, which was once a Port, in droves, prepared to face the scorching heat. It would be well worth it, as most shops stay open to well into the night after sunset to accommodate those who wouldn’t be able to handle the Saudi sun. And although shoppers may never want to leave, there’s so much more this city has to offer, having developed itself into the tourist attraction it is today. Places that are worth having a look would be Ski Dubai, Dubai Miracle gardens, Dubai Creek, ... Read more

A Travel Guide to My Hometown, Siaton, Negros Oriental

Hometown sceneries triggered a lot of memories. The zigzag road between Siaton and Zamboanguita, more particularly, made me recall the embarrassing ones. I had motion sickness when I was a kid. The moment I got on a bus, my olfactory system is heightened and become more sensitive. I could smell even an imperceptible amount of diesel, asphalt, and exhaust. I would try to suppress the queasiness by thinking of happy stuff and by controlled breathing, but that zigzag road messed up everything. It was where I normally start to throw up. Drone shot of Antulang Beach Resort in Siaton, Negros ... Read more

Antulang Beach Resort: A Stunning Cliff-side Resort in Siaton

Antulang Beach Resort is simply a paradise. The rustic reception blended nicely with the forest feels, isolation, and stunning cliff-side vantage. It adds a high dose of exclusivity and comfort to your staycation. The plumeria blossoms on its poolside gardens exude an inviting scent. You’ll definitely stay once you set your foot within the resort premises. An infinity pool seats beside the cliff-side al fresco restaurant, commanding a view of endless sea. It creates a stunning backdrop for your photos.  Aerial photo of Antulang Beach Resort If you are game for exciting trekking activities, try the cliff-side stairways and pathways ... Read more

Best things to do in Cincinnati, Ohio

No matter which land you come from or what features that you are inclined to, Cincinnati is bound to get you hooked. People from all corners of the world have unanimously shown their interest in visiting the US state and do fun things. Cincinnati has been generous to the visitors, but the outpour of love is really worth reciprocating. Be it an art lover, a sports freak, one falling for heritage, or the natural beauty admirers, the city has special spots for everyone. Cincinnati promises to give every visitor a unique pleasure. A view of John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge ... Read more

Fun Things to Do in Da Nang

If you are looking for fun places to visit in Vietnam, you should check out Da Nang. This city is currently one of the most attractive destinations in the world with more and more tourists making trips to this region every year to see the beautiful scenery, nature, and friendly people. It is also loved for the amazing culture and landscapes, and regardless of the length of your getaway, you can never exhaust the fun things to do.  Even better, the transport system favors you, and you can quickly board a train from Hanoi to Da Nang, which is super ... Read more

Top 6 Dishes to Try in Malaysia

Malaysia has a multi-ethnic population and a diverse culture. This diversity is also evident in Malaysian cuisine. The three major influences that you can notice in the Malaysian cuisine are Indian, Chinese, and Malay. These influences have given rise to some lip-smacking recipes. The best place to experience the Malaysian cuisine is Kuala Lumpur. The country’s capital is also dubbed as its food capital. So when you decide to visit the city for food trip, make sure that you allocate a considerable amount of time in your itinerary. There are so many of options to choose from—you will definitely need ... Read more

Camotes Island Travel Guide

Going to Camotes is somewhat taking an off the beaten path, at least for non-Cebuanos. The islands’ landscape is relatively rural and the development is exclusive only to resort operators. Public transport is serviced mostly by habal-habal or motorcycle taxi. Nonetheless, white strips dot the edges of its stunning foliage of greens. The interesting cave systems and the remarkable rock formations make Camotes Island one of the must-visit places in the Visayas. The Camotes Group of Islands (Poro, Pacijan, Tulang Diot, and Ponson Islands) is under the jurisdiction of Cebu Province with four municipal division under its umbrella namely; San Francisco, Poro, Tudela, and Pilar. Santiago ... Read more