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A Plea to Consider The Upgrade of Globe Infrastructure in Barangay Bonawon, Siaton, Negros Oriental

Good day, awesome Pillars of Globe Telecom. My name is Ian Limpangog, a resident of Barangay Bonawon in the Municipality of Siaton, Province of Negros Oriental. Though I am frequently away because I spend most of my time in Cebu—since it is where my workplace is located—I am always updated with the events and major developments of our barangay. Also, I go home on weekends or whenever there are long holidays. Most of the time, I keep in touch with family and friends from the province online, normally via Facebook messenger. Our barangay got connected to the internet around 2010 ... Read more

Post-lockdown travel plan: Dream destination push

At first glance, I thought it was a just another crawler or insect slayer. When I stare at the ceiling, my eyelashes are still entangled with the sticky eye discharge. Out of discomfort, I closed my eyes, and then I gently massage my upper eyelids with my fingertips, stroking down my eyelashes. It eventually removes the tiny specks that cling at the ends and refuse to let go. They remind me to hold on in spite of the difficulties. I open my eyes again, and then, I realize that the crawler is just an elongated hole with paint erosion. It ... Read more

The work from home setup worsens my Anxiety

The work from home arrangement reduces instances of personal interactions, which then reduces the chance to establish a cordial relationship. Professionally, such relationships are not necessary. But for you to strive in the workplace for a long time, you must secure your support systems. They help you brave difficult circumstances and calm you down on tense situations. They show different perspectives or give you differing opinions, which then enlightens you and eventually alters your course away from insubordination. Social contact is a factor Technology is available to reach out to those support systems, but it doesn’t work for me. I ... Read more

Change the Way You See Love

With my work station facing the west, only the glass wall separated me from the sunset. I was seated at a perfect vantage point. At first, the sunburst drapes from the stratocumulus openings. It gave an alternating shade of light and dusk to the mountain ridges that bedeck the foreground. Then, as the sun disappears from the horizon, vivid hue of red and orange painted the welkin. A stunning contrast that was. Isn’t it ironic? No matter how hard life is, there is always a beautiful sunset waiting at the end of the day. The clinks of the keyboard keys ... Read more

Onward to My First Major Climb with ShopBack

Travel, for me, is a major stress reliever. That scene with a blue sky reflected on the sea beneath, which gentle ripples broke towards the white sand strips that freckles the edges of the island back dropped with verdant massifs is a pure bliss. Then at night, you can see the stars flecking in the sky, while you are comfortably lounging on your hammock with both ends fastened on steadfast beach trees. Travel allows you to gaze at awesome amalgamation of greens, get pampered below the draping waters of majestic cascades, stride through vast prairies and lush fields, paddle across translucent ... Read more

How I plan to spend my savings from Smart’s No Cash Out iPhone 6s Plans

Getting a smartphone is essential nowadays, most especially if your work and daily life demands more connectivity and social engagement. Every smartphone should come with excellent data connection to meet your internet requirement. However, if your smartphone always lag and your mobile internet is slower than molasses in January, you couldn’t keep up with the fast-paced world of social media. To maintain a constant interaction to the mainstream media, getting a reliable data plan bundled with a fast-performing smartphone would be a practical option. This would come a great price, nonetheless. An iPhone is a way too expensive for a cash ... Read more

The 3 and a Half Reasons Why I Can’t Die Yet

Life has been so bitter lately. Tests, challenges, and trials have always been bombarding me since I gained my reasons. I stumbled millions of times and fumbled a number of opportunities. There came instances that I brooded; “Am I really a magnet of bad luck?”. There were moments that I thought of giving up, I thought of resting for eternity. Then the time has passed and I am still here (in this world), writing and reflecting. Afterwards, I realized that I was strong enough to get through those hard times. So, I wrote this note as a piece to grip ... Read more

A Certain Place to Find

In a relationship, it requires more than just understanding everything but more importantly to understand the things that don’t make sense at all. Somehow, the only way to make sense of what is going on is to just understand it the way things are, no further analysis. People sometimes pursue so many arguments so as to come up on how things should be understood, forgetting that things are simply the way they are. When we stay longer in a relationship, we find things are getting tougher to digest compared when the relationship is just starting. The longer you stay, you ... Read more

Anchor of our Life

When we are challenged by our deepest fears and frustrations, we anchor on love to keep us above the fears and frustrations we have. Love for our craft, love for our parents or family, love for God, love for someone special, love for friends, love for the simple things, love for everything we have and we don’t have. Sometimes, what we are left of us is the love that encompasses who we are. It starts and ends with that very powerful emotion. When we begin to question our own capability to succeed, we go back to the craft we dearly ... Read more