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What To See & Do: Singapore vs. Macau

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Similarities Between Singapore & Macau  As two of the most unique destinations in Asia, it’s no surprise that millions of tourists flock to each city every year. In 2019, Macau saw 27 million tourists, while Singapore welcomed just over 19 million.  On the surface, both destinations seem to have more in common than not. They’re both small, with Macau taking up 26 percent less space than Singapore at 28 square kilometers. Both cities are also politically unique. Macau is a former Portuguese colony that’s now a sovereign region of China, while Singapore was a former British colony ... Read more

Must-see Attractions in Macau: A Bucket List

There is something very special about the island of Macau. Formerly a Portuguese colony, this autonomous region is now back in the hands of the People’s Republic of China. Nevertheless, it reflects a huge mix of cultural influences, and is a fascinating place to visit. Given its westernized past, it’s unlike anywhere else in China. That is why, it should be on the bucket list for anyone looking to travel across Asia. If you want to know more about Macau and its traditions, be sure to put these must-see attractions on your to-do list. A view from Mount Fortress in ... Read more

5 Days and 4 Nights Hong Kong + Macau Itinerary and Guide

This Hong Kong + Macau Itinerary and Guide is based on my actual assessment on how to possibly fit-in all your “things to do” during your travel. We were a large group (15 individuals) when we traveled to Hong Kong and we fit-in all the tourist destinations in our list for just 5 days. So if you visit the place with fewer folks in the group, you can do it without cramming. Things to Note Book the earliest flight to Hong Kong. You can take Cebu Pacific which leaves Manila as early as 5:40AM daily. Research for the travel routes and ... Read more

An Exasperating Macau Walkathon: Day 2 of Hong Kong + Macau Tour

We slept very late the day before to squeeze in all our “things to do” for day one because we started late. However, we had to wake up early to catch the 9:00AM Cotai Jet schedule to Macau. Everybody was tensed when the clock ticked closely to eight, and some weren’t even dressed up yet. Imagine, we were fifteen in the group. Though the China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui was just a walking distance from our hotel, we couldn’t set the worry aside. Walking itself eats a lot of time, specially that we were’t really familiar with the place. ... Read more

Suggested Macau Day Tour Itinerary

We spent the day 2 of our Hong Kong+Macau Tour in Macau. I prepared the Macau day tour itinerary to fit in most of Macau’s tourist spots in one whole day. This itinerary applies for solo travelers or small groups coming from Hong Kong. Make sure that you take the earliest boat to Macau so you won’t miss something out. You can take Cotai Jet which leaves Hong Kong  as early as 06:30AM or TurboJET which leaves the city at 07:00AM. Choose Macau Ferry Terminal (not Mo Taipa Ferry Terminal) as your arrival port since all casino-operating hotels in Macau ... Read more

Macau Museum Gallery and Guide: Inside and Around

When your visiting Macau’s famous landmark, The Ruins of St. Paul, don’t forget to drop by at Macau Museum. The museum is situated on the top of Fortaleza do Monte or Mount Fortress which is right beside the Ruins. With just HKD/MOP15.00 entrance fee ( for adults), you can see Macau’s history, tradition, and culture and witness how the West (Portugal) influenced this Chinese city. (click on the image to see full size) The Macau Museum The Time Corridor at Macau Museum There are dioramas that depicts early settlements in Macau and how the locals live harmoniously with the Portuguese conquistadors. ... Read more