Max’s Rice Bowls: Enjoy Real Food For Every Mood

Dining is a social event. We want to share the moment with family, friends, and acquaintances. We wanted it intimate with our special someone. Most of us dine as a reward to ourselves for a job well done or a completed milestone. For many, dining is a way to celebrate.

Solo Dining

However, in some cases, we love to eat alone. Probably to vent
out our sorrow, to spend a me-time, to self-reward, or to simply avoid the long hours of chitchat associated with group dining.

When we talk about dining alone, only fast food chains come
to mind. The service is fast, mostly. Food options are fewer, you don’t need to spend that much time to choose. Lastly, you won’t get out of place because there are a lot of solo diners around.

Max’s Rice Bowls are ideal for budget solo diners

But then, your discriminating palate wanted more. You seek
only real food. That is why, Max’s Restaurant enters the scene to offer only real food to every solo diner.

­­Max’s Rice Bowl Classic

Max’s solution is its wide selection of Rice Bowls. They take
a solo serving of their best-selling dishes, and then put them on the top of the bowl of rice. Prices are made even affordable for solo diners. The rice bowls with a glass of your Pepsi product of choice start at 149 pesos.

Spicy Tofu is one of my favorites

Your rice bowl topping choices are:

  • Sizzling Chicken – Made with coarsely chopped fried chicken and chicken liver spiced up with white onions, celery, and chili.
  • Beef Caldereta – Tender beef chunks in thick sauce topped with fried potatoes and carrots.
  • Beef Salpicao – Spanish-style, cubed beef sirloin that is stir-fried in a hot pan with minced garlic and lots of spices
  • Adobo Ribs – A classic Pinoy adobo with a unique twist.
  • Crispy Pata – Deep-fried pig knuckles served with banana slices and pickled papaya (achara).
  • Kare-Kare – Traditional, slow-braised ox tripe and beef shanks in thick peanut sauce with mixed tropical veggies.
  • Bangus Belly Paksiw – This is my favorite. Premium milkfish belly cooked in traditional, vinegar-based sauce.
  • Fish Fillet in Black Beans – Lightly breaded cream dory fillet with read bell pepper strips, spring onions, ginger slices, and black bean sauce.

New Rice Bowl Toppings

In March 2019, new exciting and yummy flavors and topics are
also added in the menu.

The Seafood Kare-Kare Rice Bowl is topped with a luscious combination of shrimp, squid, and fish that are slow cooked in a creamy peanut sauce. Your favorite tropical veggies are also in your yummy bowl.

Seafood Kare-kare Rice Bowl includes shrimp, squid, and fish in a thick peanut sauce

Max’s Spicy Tofu is topped with deep-fried tofu cubes in a spicy mayo, served with fried egg on the side.

The Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet is made with breaded cream dory doused in a sweet and tangy sauce.

Max’s Spicy Tofu (top) and Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (bottom)

The Chopsuey rice bowl features a symphony of sautéed fresh vegetables, pork, shrimp, chicken liver, and gizzard.

The latest rice bowl additions are perfect for the Lenten season.

“We understand our customers when they say that their mood
affects the food they want to eat,” said Paolo Serrano, Max’s Restaurant Chief Operating Officer.

“That’s why we want to make sure that whatever mood they are
in, they can always come to Max’s Restaurant and enjoy a bowl of rice topped with their all-time Pinoy favorites,” he added.

About Max’s Restaurant

Max’s Restaurant Rice Bowl options

Max’s Restaurant started in 1945. Thanks to Mr. Maximo Gimenez for opening his home to diners. Ruby, Mr. Gimenez’ nice served what many love and know today as Max’s Fried Chicken.

Over the years, Max’s Restaurant popularly grew and became the known as “the restaurant that fried chicken built.” The 2018 People’s Choice Award winner for Favorite Classic Restaurant has strongly established itself a household name in the Philippines, an institution, and a proud Filipino tradition.