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Amorita Resort: World-class Service meets Signature Filipino Hospitality

I usually draw my energy from the sun, yes, like Superman. But unlike your childhood superhero, my skin won’t get as hard as steel. I don’t get enhanced hearing power, and can’t emit amplified solar energy from my eyes.  I don’t even levitate. The energy that I get from the sun, however, is the feeling of being light and free. It is the feeling that can tolerate almost every peskiness, annoyance, and stupidity—a feeling that can forgive whoever offends me. With it, I feel like I can devise resolutions to every issue, conflict, or predicaments that I might encounter. That ... Read more

Momo Beach House: A Surreal Place to Stay in Panglao

I never expected to experience utmost seclusion at a white strip of the bustling Panglao Island. Normally, a popular island beachfront comes with a profusion of loud music, conglomeration of business establishments, and herd of tourists in a rather chaotic mix. Momo Beach, though located in Panglao, is a contrary to all that. It offers a tranquil escape tucked away in a remote edge of the island. #MomoMagic feels at Momo Beach House Reaching Momo Beach may be a bit of a frowner to some. It seats at one end of an unpaved dirt alley that cut through a highly ... Read more

Where to Stay in Dumaguete

Dumaguete is colloquially known as the city of gentle people and is rightly so. It is the image the locals built for years and has been continuously sown even in the present. Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippines’ National Hero, couldn’t be wrong during his first visit in the city. The city is also known as a university town because, despite of its size, it houses four of the countries biggest universities and a number of colleges, institutes, and higher education learning centers. Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete As Negros Oriental‘s capital, Dumaguete is the best place for you to taste the province’s delicacies ... Read more

Montebello Villa Hotel: Cebu’s Only Garden Hotel

Weekday routines could be grueling. Working with difficult individuals, bumping into some annoying strangers, and getting stuck in an unrelenting gridlock strained me to my limits. That is why I love weekends. I can go to random getaways around the province to flush out toxic stress. Returning to work refreshed increases both my productivity and tolerance to pressure. But sometimes, travel could be equally stressful, especially when the weather and traffic conditions are not that cooperative. Hence, instead of going out of town, I spent one of my weekends within the city boundaries—in a place where the ambiance is close ... Read more

Easy Diving and Beach Resort: Your Getaway Home in Sipalay

I couldn’t be sure if the sundown has passed. My phone ran out of juice and there was no other way for me to check the time. The sky was rather gloomy that day. Fine drizzles wetted the upper part of my shirt, which gave me an unusual chill. I stopped by at a mobile snack bar to get some siopao and refreshment. I remembered that I skipped lunch, so I had to grab some bites to fuel up. Not to mention, it was my birthday and I spent most of my day on the road. Traveling more than 15 ... Read more

A Zen Living Experience at Escario Central Hotel Cebu

The simple vertical strokes of orange and red makes a fine and stunning contrast with the ivory walls. The tidy-stalked bamboo trees, the small mead that wrapped the lawn, and the classic-looking set blend perfectly to let you experience a zen feel. The Reception A simple and chic reception There’s nothing flashy in the receiving area. In place of chandelier is a hand-crafted spherical rattan which mesh added an atypical element to the lighting inside it. Two black solo couches seemed out of place with regards to color coordination, but give a comforting acceptance to the waiting guests. The reception desk is ... Read more

Turtle Bay Dive Resort: A Laid-back Sojourn in Moalboal

I could feel the warmth of the morning sun. Bright rays transcend through the wooden shutter window. It was left open. No one minded to close it though, after watching the fireworks that lit the sky the night before. New Year’s Eve, that was. I was still sleepy at 07AM. However, inasmuch as I wanted to return to sleep—I couldn’t—I remembered I agreed to join a friend for a laid-back sojourn in Moalboal. The resort town is one of Cebu’s popular destination for diving, aside from Malapascua, Bantayan, Camotes, and Mactan. So after a quick fix, I headed to Moalboal on New Year’s day. ... Read more

Where to stay in Armenia?

What does a tourist do first when planning a trip? Of course, he is looking for a place to stay while traveling. As the most hospitable country Armenia offers you a huge range of hotels. There are both five-star hotels and hostels available for budget travelers. The best thing to do is to check out beforehand hotels and hostels and pick the one to include in Armenia tour package. Here is a list of the most popular hotels and hostels in Armenia, which received thousands of positive reviews from guests. Golden Palace Hotel 5-STAR HOTELS Republica Hotel Yerevan. 5-star hotel ... Read more

Pillows Hotel: Raised the Bar of the Bed & Breakfast Hotel Standards

I don’t actually spend much money on accommodation. Hence, I usually end up staying in hostels or in bed and breakfast hotels, which are usually at the bottom of the list when talking about the price. Normally, I will get a small room with a flat sheet on a thin bed, two hard pillows, an analog TV (if lucky), and just a fine comfort room. But that is not worth complaining. I am completely aware that I only shell out few hundreds for the humble space to sleep. Pillows Hotel facade, reception and terrace So, if I find a little ... Read more