The Henry Hotel Cebu: Minimalist Edifice meets Class

The exterior gloom does not always depict the actual mood inside. The array of rectangular window panes added geometric accent to the edifice, an apparent indication that sentient souls dwell within the property premises.

The mid-rise dark structure smack at Banilad urban jungle hides fancy-artsy comfort. Something awesome is concealed behind the dark purplish, concrete-clad facade.

The Hotel Henry Cebu

The Henry Hotel Cebu seats at entry of Paseo Saturnino, the gateway to Maria Luisa, Cebu’s most exclusive village. It looks pretty ordinary from the outside, but as you come closer, you will immediately realize that the place is really special.

The Eco-friendly Reception

The untiled, unpainted, trowel-smoothened concrete interior is rather minimalist. However, the artistic embellishment of seemingly antique bookshelves, couches, and figures added an elegant factor to the unfussy design.

This chic car is on display at the hotel’s locator floor

The reception is not extravagant about lighting fixtures. The glass divide provides natural light that is enough for the staff to process check ins, inquiries, and guest-related tasks. There is no need to install a lot of illuminators. Think about being eco-friendly.

The high occupancy rate is a testament of the The Henry Hotel’s brand promise. Guests return because of the exceptional comfort. During my visit, the hotel was fully booked, so I had to wait for the 2PM standard check in time to get accommodated.

At the hotel lobby

It was a busy day at the hotel. It is a good thing that they have plenty of ready materials at the reception lobby. I found other means to get busy while making the time pass.

Unique, Artsy Comfort

It wasn’t my first time at the Henry Hotel Cebu. I was able to join a room tour before and was able to see the Marilyn Monroe Room, Apo Whang-od Room, and the biggest room the hotel have. However, it was my first time to experience the linens and sleep on its fluffy beds.

The big room with Marilyn Monroe graffiti

There was no graffiti in the room that I was assigned to, but it was as elegant and as creative as the other rooms. The tangerine ceiling fabric hangs above the downy king bed appears like an ornate, royal adornment. 

Big nouveau room with Apo Whang-od graffiti

The big room was pretty spacious, despite being the smallest on their catalog. I got four lampshades, flats-creen TV with international channels, a huge dresser, minibar, complimentary coffee and tea, a roomy comfort room, safety deposit box, and a nice window view.

The big room, the smallest on The Henry Hotel Cebu’s catalog

Extra large room

The Double Extra Large Room

The double extra large room is the most spacious room in Hotel Henry Cebu. It is a massive two-chamber suite: one with queen bed and the other has king. Each has its own flatscreen TV, one has a chic sofa, a nice bath tub, and all other amenities that are available in their big rooms.

The double extra large room, the hotel’s biggest suite

The bath tub at the double extra large room

The Pool

The Henry Hotel Cebu hosts a small pool for guests who want to escape from the city summer heat. Though small, it doesn’t go crowded. Foreign guests prefer to swim in the morning while locals swim when the sun is down. Choose your time slot to refresh.

The pool at The Henry Hotel Cebu has variable depth, which ranges from 3 feet to 6 feet. Don’t let your kids swim alone.

Rica’s Cafe

The in-house restaurant, Rica’s Cafe, offers a lot of exciting flavors and delectable goodies. But the main reason why patrons keep coming are forty chicken, beef salpicao, truffle carbonara, and salmon steak.

Forty chicken

Truffle carbonara

I am not a pizza person but I also love the spinach pesto pizza.

Spinach pesto pizza

Desserts are available as well to satiate the cravings of those who have sweet tooths out there.

The sweet and creamy brazzo de mantecado

Coffee, tea, frapps, and cocktails are also on the menu.

Booking a Stay

To book your stay, you may visit the hotel at Paseo Saturnino, Banilad, Cebu City or you may contact them at +63 32 520 8877.

You also visit their website for more information.

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