Photo Gallery: Surviving Sagada (May 24 - 27, 2013) | Freedom Wall
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Photo Gallery: Surviving Sagada (May 24 – 27, 2013)

Photo Gallery: Surviving Sagada (May 24 – 27, 2013)

Okay! okay! I know you guys couldn’t wait any longer so here are the first batch of the photos. The rest will be uploaded in Facebook soon. Sorry, I still have some other stuffs to do so I did not mind organizing.

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sumaguing cave spelunking
sumaguing cave turtle formation
sumaguing cave
topload day 2 matt maan lovely arnel
topload day 2
Positioned comfortably in the top load before we left for Bomod-ok Falls trekking
Northern Sagada Rice Terraces
trekking to bomod-ok falls
Bomod-ok Falls Sagada
Bomod-ok Falls
breakfast at pinikpikan house 1
breakfast at pinikpikan house 2
breakfast at pinikpikan house 3
breakfast at pinikpikan house 4
breakfast at pinikpikan house
girls on topload day 2
Photo Session: While waiting for a go signal for spelunking
gulayan sa benguet
kiltepan viewpoint couple
kiltepan viewpoint group pic
Waiting for the Sunrise
Ian Limpangog's Kiltepan View Point Silhouette
My Silhouette at Kiltepan Viewpoint, Sagada
kiltepan viewpoint
lumiang cave arnel maan matt lovely
Lumiang Cave entrance with the stack of coffins
lumiang cave dark
lumiang cave entrance
lumiang cave maan and arnel
lumiang cave raisa 1
lumiang cave raisa
lumiang cave ron and company
lumiang cave sonny and steph
lumiang cave spelunkers 1
lumiang cave spelunkers 2
lumiang cave spelunkers 3
lumiang cave spelunkers 4
lumiang cave spelunkers 5
lumiang cave spelunkers
lumiang cave spelunking 2
lumiang cave spelunking 3
lumiang cave spelunking 4
lumiang cave spelunking 5
lumiang cave spelunking 6
lumiang cave spelunking 7
lumiang cave spelunking
lumiang cave steph and raisa
lumiang cave
Rice: Sagada's primary crop
sagada church flowers
sagada church
sagada jumpshot
sagada rice granery
sagada walking tour couple
A memorable photo session at Echo Valley (Baw-eng in local language)
Arnel, Maan, Matt, and Lovely taking their Grand Entrance at Lumiang Cave
spelunking lumiang cave
Spelunkers striking a pose at Sumaguing Cave
Ron at Sumaguing Cave
cave connections sagada mountain province
sumaguing cave spelunking
sumaguing cave spelunking 4
sumaguing cave spelunkers
Lizyl, Aby, Kath, and Jing resting at Sumaguing Cave
Lizyl, Aby, Kath, and Jing at Sumaguing Cave
sumaguing cave lady spelunkers
Aimz, Ronee, and Christian at Sumaguing Cave
Arnel and Maan at Sumaguing Cave
sumaguing cave spelunkers
sumaguing cave spelunking steph
sumaguing cave spelunking 13
sumaguing cave spelunking kath
sumaguing cave spelunking ronee
sumaguing cave Cave connections Sagada
Cave connections Sagada
Sumaguing Cave spelunkers
sumaguing cave spelunking king

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