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Photo Gallery: Cabongaoan Beach, Tambobong Whitebeach, Snake or Culebra Island, and Cabacungan Cave

Photo Gallery: Cabongaoan Beach, Tambobong Whitebeach, Snake or Culebra Island, and Cabacungan Cave

These photos were taken during our weekend trip to the towns of Burgos and Dasol in Pangasinan. These were the fruits of enduring a 5-hour loud bus ride, then an hour of sweaty jeepney traverse, and an hour of bumpy tricycle drive. Featured sites are Cabongaoan beach, Tambobong white beach, Snake or Culebra Island, Cabacungan cave, and Osmeña cave. The story or stories behind these photos will come out soon.

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snake or culebra island dasol

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visiting cabongaoan
tour at culebra island dasol pangasinan
tambobong whitebeach dasol
tambobong whitebeach dasol pangasinan
tambobong dasol
tambobong red warriors
tambobong rocks dasol
snake or culebra island pangasinan
mga eba sa batohan ng culebra island
snake or culebra island dasol
culebra island
photo session cabongaoan beach
lyndi cylet at culebra island
lyndi cylet at cabacungan cave
joana at culebra island
ilio-ilio burgos pangasinan
culebra or snake island tour dasol pangasinan
Culebra Island
freedom wall at cabongaoan beach
culebra or snake island dasol pangasinan
culebra island waters pangasinan
culebra island pangasinan
culebra island pangsinan
culebra island jumpshot vanessa
culebra island jumpshot marx
culebra island jumpshot lyndi cylet
culebra island jumpshot joana
cabongaoan white beach
cabongaoan visitors
cabongaoan pumboats
cabongaoan ladies on the rocks
cabongaoan rocks
cabongaoan beach
cabongaoan beach visitors
cabongaoan beach stretch
cabongaoan beach
cabongaoan beach rocks photo
cabongaoan beach lyndi and naz
cabongaoan beach
Inside Cabacungan Cave
cabacungan cove shoreline
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