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Baguio City One Day Itinerary

Baguio City One Day Itinerary

My first visit to Baguio was unplanned and I only had a day to complete my tour. My duty ends at 6:00 of Saturday morning. I am on a night shift so I have to sleep first before going to any trip. I allocated my entire Sunday morning to tour around the city and completed the spots on my list. Before going, I did some research and looked for places that are proximately close to the city’s center or downtown.

Igorot family sculptures botanical garden

An Igorot Family Sculpture at Baguio Botanical Garden

On my list were: Baguio Cathedral, Baguio Botanical Garden, The Mansion, Wright Park, Mines View Park, Good Shepherds Convent, Port del Pilar or the Philippine Military Academy, Camp John Hay, Tam-Awan Village, Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, and Burnham Park.

Cafe by the Ruins

Cafe by the Ruins


Below is the itinerary I followed during the tour. It was different from my original plan to which I made some changes to accommodate other sites and in order for me to witness PMA’s Graduation ceremony which is schedule in the morning. I supposed to visit PMA in the afternoon.

tourists in local costumes mines view park

Tourists rented Local Costumes for PhP10.00 at mines view park for Photograph purposes


  • 10:00PM – A day before (Saturday evening on my time), Victory Liner bus leaves Pasay City Terminal
  • 04:50AM – Bus arrives in Baguio City and took a short walk to session road.
  • 05:15AM – Visits Baguio Cathedral
  • 05:30AM – Have a breakfast. I had no idea as to when Café by the Ruins opened so I stopped at the local cafeteria.
  • 06:10AM – Ride a jeepney to botanical Garden. The jeepney that will bring you to Botanical Garden is the same jeepney that will lead you to Good Shepherds Convent, Mines View park, and Wright Park. The route stated below the windshield is BAGUIO-PLAZA-MINES VIEW v/v which terminal is located at Mabini Street.

  • 06:25AM – 07:00AM – Stroll around the Botanical Garden.
  • 07:00AM – 07:30AM – Take some photographs of The Mansion. The Mansion is walking distance (I spent 10 minutes) away from Botanical garden.
  • 07:30AM – 8:30AM – Walk around the Wright Park which is right in front of The Mansion. You can also rent a pony at 300 pesos per hour or 200 pesos for a half hour ride.
  • 08:30AM – 9:30AM – Picture taking at Mines View Park.
  • 09:30AM – 10:00AM – Buy some bring-home presents at Good Shepherds Convent which is a walking distance away from Mines View.
  • 10:00AM – 12:00PM – Port del Pilar (Philippine Military Academy). You can journey through the history of PMA just by viewing the galleries at the PMA museum.
  • 12:00PM – 01:00PM – Lunch. Try to drop by at Café by the Ruins.
  • 01:00PM – 03:30PM – Camp John Hay. You have an option to take your lunch at Camp John Hay. From PMA, you can ride a jeepney that travels back to the city. This will pass Camp John Hay (Ayala Hub side).
  • 03:30PM – 04:30PM – Witness the wonder of Tam-Awan Village, the garden in the Sky.
  • 04:30PM – 06:30PM – Lourdes Grotto. Have a 252-step hike to the Lourdes Grotto and say a prayer.
  • 06:30PM – 7:30PM – Burnham Park. Stroll around, go boating, rent a bike, and buy some souvenirs.
  • 07:30PM – 08:30PM – Dinner
  • 08:30PM – 10:30PM – Wander around the Session Road and SM City Baguio.
  • 10:30PM – Goes back to Manila

If you choose to commute in your city tour, I have prepared a guide for you.  Please visit my article entitled; “How to commute in Baguio“. During my trip I spent less than a hundred to tour around the city.