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The gorgeous ivory beach of Hermit's Cove

Everything went on a random. I immediately hit going the moment I saw the invite popped up. It was a weekend getaway to Aloguinsan. Though the trip was going Dutch, resisting would mean my loss. The chance of traveling with the awesome folks of Cebu Bloggers Society is an opportunity in itself. Aloguinsan seats southwest of Cebu City and is sandwiched between the municipalities of Barili on its south and Read more

Typhoon Beach, Danjugan Island

Leaving Sipalay was heartbreaking. We could have stayed longer if time permitted. Due to the uncooperative weather condition, we missed some of its priced natural attractions, which made us feel that the trip is incomplete. Also, I will surely miss the acquaintance I made, especially the staffs of Easy Diving and Beach Resort, who had been very helpful. To negate the sadness, I thought of good memories and better pictures Read more

A gorgeous beach fronting Ogtong Cave Resort

The northwesternmost island of Cebu province is not only known for its desiccated produce. Bantayan is not merely a dried seafood supplier to the province but also a desirable location for sojourners. With the multiple white beach fronts dotting its edges, interesting rock formations adorning its cliffs, and mysterious cave pools spreading at various locations, any traveler won’t run out of things to do. The gentle and serene locality makes the stay a lot warmer too Read more

Docked at Pandanon Island

It was azure at first. But as we approached the shallow waters of Pandanon Island, the tint of the water was slowly turning viridescent. We all witnessed how the water gradually shifted from all the shades in between blue and green. The squeaky-clean sea makes the corals 10 feet below pretty evident. And as the corally features morphed to sand, the 6-feet looked more like a knee deep. Pandanon island, Read more

Turtles regularly swim around the waters of Panagsama Beach in Moalboal

That elusive photo chasing a sardine run, that priced selfie with a marine testudine, and that noteworthy beach camp gracing the sunset where just few of the expectations listed on every Moalboal goer. Moalboal, a once sleepy town seating 90 kilometers southwest of Cebu City, offers a laid-back vibe. Stunning white strips adorn its edges where clear and calm ripples regularly wash off the shore. Beneath are unassuming underwater wonders. Sea turtles frequently seen feeding Read more

kujang monument bogor

The downtown is bustling and the traffic is chaotic. But despite the city nuisances, there are simple gestures and amazing corners worth appreciating. The townspeople paint the city with genuine smiles and accommodating semblance. Historical and cultural monuments are preserved which give an interesting contrast with the city’s uncloaked terrain – modern and aged, opulent and indigent. Yes, Bogor is a metropolis, but green areas still exist and are protected. Read more